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  1. Charlotte Purple Jackets Pro Basketball Team enter TBL


THE CHARLOTTE PURPLE JACKETS are excited to begin their inaugural season in The Basketball League (TBL) in March of 2023.

Founded in 2021, stemming from a “God-given” vision; current Director of Basketball Operations, Al’Lonzo Coleman, and team president, India Timpton, curated a playoff worthy program in their first season in the ABA League.

Our main focusses are rooted in positively impacting the community, winning basketball games, creating new opportunities for our players professionally, and in making the most fulfilling partnerships we can with our local businesses.

All pillars that aligned with the work being done by of our TMO, Anthony Hill, his staff, and their TBL franchise the Connecticut Cobras in the 2021 and 2022 seasons.

Now both of our organizations, values, and goals are united; and we are ecstatic to bring The Basketball League (TBL) to Charlotte, North Carolina.

As the 10th largest growing city in the country – our community, local businesses, and athletes are the perfect market to introduce a new franchise into for the 2023 season.

Our main color, Purple – known as the color of royalty, pays homage to the nickname of our home the “Queen City”.

Our logo, of the Purple Jacket – includes our city’s skyline and was chosen to be homogenous to fellow Charlotte professional basketball program, The Hornets.

We are excited to not only compete at a high level in this league, but also to learn from it.

It’s time to fly together and make THE CHARLOTTE PURPLE JACKETS a household name!


We strive for perfection and to be professional in all aspects of the game – on and off the court – to ensure we do our part to elevate our community.

Anthony Hill:  Team Market Owner | 203-858-6472

India Timpton - Headshot Photo

INDIA TIMPTON: Team President and COO

INDIA TIMPTON, Team President and COO

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Currently, in year four with ESPN in Charlotte, India formerly played Division 1 basketball at UNC Greensboro. Having been introduced to the game at age nine in the “Queen City” and then going on to play college ball still in the state – it felt only right for her to find a way to stay connected to the game, even though she no longer played it. Basketball has helped to open doors that allowed her to coach a youth summer camp in Vietnam, earn a master’s degree in Broadcast and Digital Journalism from Syracuse University, intern for The Women’s Basketball Association (WBCA), and continue into her current video production role with ESPN. 

India has also served as the COO of the Queen City Pro-Am in each of its three summers and was invaluable in season one of the Purple Jackets’ program last year helping with tasks such as driving the team van to serving as head coach for the conclusion of the season. She has welcomed the increase of responsibilities as president, created a strong core team to lead the program through the 2023 TBL season, and is committed to making this inaugural year great for our players and our community.

AL’LONZO COLMAN:  Director of Basketball Operations

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Like Charlotte, the game of basketball won Al’lonzo’s heart long ago. Now in his 11th year as a professional basketball player overseas, his desire to reach back and help others live out their dreams pushes him daily to continue to do the work on and off the court. Al’lonzo graduated from Presbyterian College in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in Business and double minored in Coaching and Physical Education. As the founder and CEO of the Queen City Pro-Am, and the heart behind creating the Purple Jackets – being miles away from home most of the year never stopped him from working double-time to create both experiences and platforms for our community. 

As a professional athlete, former college player, and devoted father he has the experience, knowledge, passion, and patience to continue to help mold our program to succeed in this league and to uniquely connect with our players on an entirely different level. Being born and raised in Charlotte, he has also opened doors for us to communicate with certain pillars in the community that are simply old friends to him. Al’lonzo’s “God-given vision” to create this team will allow us to positively change the lives of players and the Charlotte community for years to come.