Atlantic City Gambits professional basketball club is a sports organization committed to a competitive brand of family friendly entertainment and community service. Located in the well known town of Atlantic City, this resort city is the most ideal location for a sports team with a market already known for entertainment. The name Gambits comes from the origin of the word gambetto, which is a sacrificial risk in order to gain an advantage later. Our goal is to have an advantage to win as an organization on and off the basketball court while helping the community to win as a city. As a product of The Basketball League (TBL), the Atlantic City Gambits will actively support local businesses and youth organizations within the community through partnerships and community events. The Gambits will be the pride of the city and a great representation of the general experience of visiting this great place we call Atlantic City.
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The Atlantic City Gambits professional basketball club is a sports organization that will provide competitive family-friendly entertainment, community service events, and resources for personnel development. It is our mission to provide our staff and young men with growth development resources along with a platform to display their talents. The plan is to create further opportunities for all basketball aspirations through professional experience and exposure. As an organization, our goal is to gain support by building community relationships, and actively promoting and supporting youth organizations along with our corporate partnerships. Our dedication to internal development will create organizational growth, while empowering our athletes to excel on and off the basketball court. The Gambits will be led with integrity and will serve as a positive representation for the culture and entertainment here in Atlantic City.

Deshawn Ward:  Team Market Owner

Deshawn Ward was born and raised in Atlantic City, New Jersey where he is well known in the community for his involvement in sports and recreation. As a native of Atlantic City, he was educated throughout the local school system and attended Oak Crest High School where he was the star point guard.

During his senior year, Deshawn led Oak Crest High to their best season in 20 years with a 20-6 record. After high school, Deshawn attended Montclair State University where he played briefly before returning home. After his brief experience at Montclair State, Deshawn was inspired to become more involved in the community through his love and passion for the game of basketball.

During the summer of 2019, Deshawn co-founded and currently serves as the Co-CEO to a sports organization called Stay Hungry Sports. The development of this organization was intended to aid in reducing crime and violence within the Atlantic City area. It’s mission is based on the significant movement “Stop The Violence” and has progressed into sporting events and the prominent Pro-Am Basketball, Summer League Tournament. Stay Hungry Sports has been an immediate impact on the community and with the partnership of the Atlantic City Gambits, the outreach opportunities have expanded.

Deshawn Ward’s dedication to growth and development for the community has been inspiring, and we are proud to announce Deshawn as TMO (Team Market Owner) of TBL’s Atlantic City Gambits basketball club.

Kamau Johnson:  President of Basketball Operations

Kamau Johnson was born and raised in Atlantic City, NJ and is a 2006 graduate of Atlantic City High School. He is known throughout his hometown for his various acts of community involvement and community service.

Kamau served five years active duty in the US Navy (2012-2017) as an Aviation Boatswain’s Mate. Upon completion of an honorable discharge he returned to his hometown dedicating his time to non profit organizations and youth basketball leagues, where he held titles as League Commissioner and Coach.

Kamau studied Business Marketing at Berkeley College (Manhattan) and in 2019 was named Top 40 Under 40, Business Professionals in South Jersey.

Currently, he is the Owner of “Leavander’s 22 Southern Cuisine,” a restaurant based in Atlantic City, and is the founder of basketball media outlet “The Basketball Junkie,” highlighting New Jersey High School Basketball.

Frank Turner: General Manager

Frank Turner was born and raised in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Frank attended Atlantic City High School and graduated in 2006. Frank was a star player who was extremely passionate about basketball. Frank was a part of Atlantic City’s first state championship team in 2005 and was in Atlantic City High School’s 1000 point club. He was later inducted into Atlantic City High School’s Hall of Fame. Frank went on to attend Canisius College from 2006 – 2010 where he finished with 1775 career points and 625 assists. He then proceeded to have an 11 year career playing in several different countries in Europe. Playing in countries like, Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, France, Hungary and Macedonia.
Frank’s background in playing college sports and playing overseas professionally has given him vast experiences in team building while learning to mesh with people from diverse upbringings. Frank is considering retiring from professional basketball to focus on being a leader in the community by giving back and pushing Atlantic City forward.
Frank recently became an author. His first project was released December 17th of 2021. Lovely Affirmations which are flash cards for children made to build self-esteem.
Frank obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Communications and completed his Master’s degree in Sports Management within his four years attending Canisius.

Elijah D. Thorpe:  Head Coach

Elijah D. Thorpe, is a native of Newark, New Jersey, and is well known in the community as a player and established coach. Elijah attended Newark’s own Eastside High School where he played varsity for the Red Raider’s basketball team. He started his college career locally at Essex County College where he played under Coach Melvin Knight, father of former NBA star Brevin Knight. During Elijah’s two years at Essex County College, they accumulated a 62-7 record and was ranked top 20 in the nation in defense. They reached the nationals and played against former NBA star and current Houston Push TMO, Steve Francis. Elijah went on to finish his college basketball career at New Jersey City University and continued on to pursue a career professionally. After college, he joined the Harlem Wizards basketball club for a couple years before playing for the local professional team the Newark Express. Playing professional and as a student/athlete under Coach Melvin Knight had an influential impact on his present role as a Head coach.

Currently, Elijah is going on his 3rd year as a professional coach and has a winning reputation throughout the tri-state area. As Coach of the Newark Express, his team has ranked top 25 under his leadership. In addition, Coach Eli has managed to build and coach teams that won numerous summer league tournaments and championships. This includes the famous Rucker Park league in New York, where he’s won with an underestimated team of New Jersey natives.  Elijah is regarded as a defensive minded coach that demands excellence of his players on and off the court. We are proud to announce Elijah Thorpe as the Head Coach and General Manager of the TBL’s Atlantic City Gambits.